Harp Lessons

Professional harp lessons in Dundas, Ontario

Alyssa Michalsky offers private harp lessons and piano lessons at her home in Dundas and also teaches graduate harp classes at the University of Western Ontario. She teaches any age group from beginners to advanced musicians.

A wide variety of teaching styles are offered including Royal Conservatory and Suzuki methods, Grandjany and Salzedo techniques. You may choose traditional classical training, or simply learn to play your favourite songs in appealing, improvisational ways.

Working as a Harp Examiner for the Royal Conservatory of Canada, and also as the harp instructor for the University of Western Ontario, Alyssa has the most up to date knowledge regarding harp standards and has first hand experience to aid with exam preparation.

Your private lessons allow you to choose the style of harp you wish to play. Alyssa's harps include a large concert grand harp, an intermediate lever harp or a small lap harp for all ages and sizes.

Please contact Divine Harp by telephone for more information regarding lesson registration.

* all ages *
* piano lessons offered for int / advanced students *

  • Tailored methods and techniques to suit your learning needs.
  • Training for exams, competitions, performance or university entrance.
  • No previous musical experience is required.
  • Integrated theory lessons are included.
  • Reading music is not a necessity.
  • Play for leisure and enjoyment or serious study and advancement.
  • Weekly lessons scheduled from September – June
  • Yearly Harp Rental Available
  • 30/45/60/90/120 minute time slots
  • Lesson Rates: $65 / hour for piano and $85 / hour for harp
  • Piano lessons available if taking the harp as well. Please enquire.
Divine Harp - Alyssa Michalsky
Divine Harp - Alyssa Michalsky
Divine Harp - Alyssa Michalsky